Welcome to the Design Center

ITW Foils is pleased to offer this resource is to broaden your understanding of metallic decoration, and the myriad options available. Designers are creative problem solvers by nature and strive to develop tools and techniques to differentiate their work. That is why we aim to present a clear picture of the available metallic options and related processes, so that creative professionals will feel confident and excited about all of the dazzling possibilities.

Design Options

There are more metallic design options than ever due to continual industry innovations that meet market demands for impact, speed, efficiency and sustainability. There are many realms of reflectivity in metallic products and degrees of dazzle offered by holographics. Regardless of budget, timeline or brand strategy, your project can shine.


Sustainability: The Unglossed Facts

At ITW Foils, we know that environmental sustainability is a growing imperative for designers, brands, printers, and converters. We offer various brilliant decorative options to help brands shine with a clear conscience.


ROI: Why It Pays to Shine

With today’s tight profit margins and intense competition, the highly saturated retail environment is a demanding place both for brands and consumers. Shoppers are often overwhelmed by choices and so are drawn to brands that give the appearance of quality at first glance. Therefore packaging is often a brand’s best weapon. It directly affects sales by attracting


Holography: Dashing and Protective

When your project demands more than shine alone, holography adds visual dimension and movement along with other brand enhancing properties like shelf appeal, differentiation, anti-counterfeiting and security features. Holography piques curiosity, creates immediate impact and influences buying decisions.