Diffraction Foils Sampler

ITW Foils diffraction foils (also called holographic foils) are an effective image enhancement tool in applications such as folding cartons, greeting cards, brochures, labels and promotional pieces. In addition ITW Foils' custom capabilities set a new industry standard allowing brands to create their own branded holographic patterned foils.

Swatchbook resized 600Our diffraction foils offer superior performance:
    ⁃    Fine to medium coverage on smooth stock
    ⁃    Over-printing with UV inks
    ⁃    Strong abrasion resistance
    ⁃    Medium to heavy coverage
    ⁃    Easy release for greeting card industry
    ⁃    Well suited for deep embossing applications
    ⁃    High heat resistance on uncoated stocks
    ⁃    Enhanced image retention

Available in select colors, clear, silver and gold.